iSophro Mobile App

We can’t wait to share with you the new wellness application for children and families. 

We are working hard to provide the english version   

The first sophrology application designed for children

iSophro is a well-being application dedicated to children and teenagers. By introducing sophrology to the youngest in a playful and adapted way, it offers tools adapted to each stage of development (infancy, age of reason, adolescence).

After the launching in French the English version will be availlable in a couple of months.


A feel-good app for kids

The content proposed on the application has been written and designed by sophrologists specialised in children and adolescents and aims to respond to the problems encountered daily by children such as :

  • Difficulty falling asleep, enuresis, nightmares, énurésie, cauchemars
  • Self-confidence, place in the group, difference, hypersensitivity
  • Jealousy, anger, sadness, fear, gloom…
  • Preparation for exams and sports competitions
  • Relaxation, well-being, breathing
  • Academic success, learning difficulties
  • Eating disorders

Sophrology is particularly adapted to children and teenagers; by appealing to their imagination and their ability to project themselves into a virtual world, Sophrology offers them a real moment of relaxation and allows them to work on themselves in a simple way.

How does this work?

Every day, the application offers a new session or programme depending on the mood of the day. Many topics are covered to meet everyone’s needs.

What are the advantages of the iSophro application?

  • A well-being diary accompanies the child in his daily life to enable him to know himself, to develop a good self-esteem and to see the positive in the life he leads.
  • Sessions linked to the children’s programme for parents, to better understand and accompany their children.

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